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Excited to return to Chicago with my friend VIP Desire!

Well only a few more days until I will be returning to Chicago with my best friend. We have done plenty of doubles in the past and we have great chemistry as we are friends as well out side the "biz". It will be so much fun being able to have her around to hang out with as traveling can be lonely when you are by yourself in your down time. Eating alone and shopping alone can get a little boring lol. But we will have each other to keep each other company now.

We are truly attracted to each other, I myself am very picky about the girls I like and Desire is just my type and our personalities are so similar. When we go out we often end up making out at the club after a few drinks , hehe. Genuine attraction we can't keep our hands off each other, nor you.

I hope you enjoy our pictures and it entices you to experience a true bi-sexual duo with lots of girlfriend on girlfriend action. I love playing with Desire, there is never a dull moment with the two of us around!

Watch out Boston we are on our way to you guys as well! 

  • p.s. I want to apologize to any gentlemen whom may have feel we lost touch or I have not responded to them, it was not by intention and if you feel you have reached out and not gotten a response please feel free to reach out again, emails can get accidentally deleted or sent to spam. Also feel free to text or call me (during reasonable hours) I am always happy to speak on the phone for a few minutes.

XoXo Mya

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