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Definition of the greatest ...

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Well where on earth would we start on the definition of the greatest? Lets be simple and only apply this to escorting... (honestly I am challenging myself right now by typing this without referring to my key board) But of course you guys wont know this because you'll read it well after i make all the corrections... in translation could this make me a great person because i can publish this article without typos? No of course it does not.

Now lets try something a bit more close to home, like why you are here to begin with. What would make an escort to your liking the greatest escort you ever booked? Would it be that she was an Ivy League educated woman or that she actually wanted to be in your presence because she wanted to be there? Would it be because she needed to pay off student loans or because she literally enjoyed, being enjoyed?

Now me, no I do not own a college degree but I do enjoy being around men and I especially enjoy being around men whom also enjoy me! I know that a lot of women in our industry think that they have to be a woman of the world just like many women whom are not in our industry do as well that does not mean that it does not carry over to our world too, which leads to women trying to out do each other with degrees and gifts and cars and cloths and gifts, and it is really irrelevant.

Now we all wish ... men and women alike that we could find a guy or a even a girl whom would make us feel especially special and there are not a lot of people whom can make us feel that way outside of their physical appearance that make us feel like we are remarkable people for being able to even get them to pay attention to us. Right!? lol

But when it comes to escorting and there are these women whom claim to have these quarter million dollar degree's you have to stop and ask yourself why on earth is this woman investing all this money into a degree just to get paid for being attractive and good in bed?

Well here is the final disclaimer on my mind piece, I call bullshit! LOL no woman with a $250,000 degree is a face out escort, nor a face in escort... lol. Surely if you were that dammed hot you could have scored a wealthy boyfriend in the actual alumni you graduated with or under grad whom also was wealthy like your background and gotten married.

Remember that the ultimate goal of any whore is to be a pretty woman ending where you only have to suck one dick and be with one man who can take care of you. Now I know a lot of men whom are able to provide this to women seem to think that their women could care less that they are able to provide these things and lifestyle to them but, just imagine providing it to a woman whom has never had it before. Image doing it to a Cinderella.....

Well that is every woman's dream to be able to be with a man whom allows them to never have to worry about anything financially. I know that it is also hard for some men to find women whom like to cook and clean. Now I LOVE cooking and I Also enjoy cleaning... but a mansion may be a bit much to handle. Do not get me wrong a woman may need some help getting into the nooks and cranny's. In a big ass mansion at least; in a regular apartment lol no that is not he case. In my perspective that is at least.

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