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  "Good things come to those   who reach out..."


        When Contacting me the First Time please Include in your  phone call/ text/ email:


      1. Where you got my information ?

      2. Do you have references or are you a member of a verified screening site?

          (i.e. P411, Private Delights, Tryst, TNA, RS2k, These will get your further than references unless it happens to a provider I actually know. Provider references is becoming a thing of the past, I will decide on a case by case basis.)

      3. References should be formatted and sent to me in this form:
             A. Provider Name
             B. Provider Phone Number or Email                                        (preferably phone #)
             C. Providers website/ Eros AD etc 
             D. Approx. last time you saw the provider 

   What is a reference?:

  • If you have seen an escort/ call-girl/ professional companion before whom has her own website and reviews on a reputable  website, you have a reference!

     In some circumstances I may require a $100-$200 deposit through the cash app from an admirer who is difficult to screen, or has no viable information as security to my time not being wasted, and also to rule out other possibilities.

    *hint hint - nudge nudge* 

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