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It's Mya Michelle, an attractive, intelligent, and most of all fun loving girl.


  "I adore hard working men, they are my weakness. I'm bisexual and love playing with girls. I'm very humble and I can adapt to any situation."

 "Prestige and integrity are laws of my life, and it shows in my conduct."

  "You never have to worry about your time with me being tense or boring."

  You deserve to be catered to, allow me to help you relax from a long days work. Satisfaction is guaranteed when you're with me. I love to kiss, hug, and be adored. I anticipate you showing my body attention, and make me feel like, "the only girl in the world". Additionally you can always count on me to return the favor.

Gifts ~  I am always happy to receive gifts; wine, liquor, lingerie, shoes, gift cards, fresh flowers, jewelry, and whatever else you think I would enjoy. I enjoy arts & crafts, crocheting, gardening, and reading as well.   

Dinner Dates ~  I absolutely love to be wined and dined, what girl doesn't? I am a seafood lover by far, and that would be my ultimate pick. However, I am not a picky eater and enjoy discovering new foods. I have attire to fit any occasion, any setting, just let me know how you would like me to be presented, rest assured I will always show up clean, and cute regardless. I also enjoy having an alcoholic beverage, so feel free to keep them coming. *wink*


 Concierge in Chicago ~  Looking to get away for a secret rendezvous in a town where no one knows your name? Chicago can make for an excellent get-away destination. Especially for people from small cities or who have simply never been before! Being a native I will be able to make sure that you get the exact experience to meet your needs, while you get to be carefree and enjoy the city!

My concierge consists of :

  • Booking your 1st class flight and 5 star hotel, to scheduling your pick up from the airport and seeing you off back home or to your next destination. (I have seen some of the best hotels Chicago has to offer and I am sure I can pick the one just right for you!)

  • Limousine or "Black car" service to chauffeur you/us to and from your/our outings.

  • Planning fantastic afternoons and evenings out on the town, you never have to be bothered with the hassle of planning your next move, just relax and know you're in for a good time.

  • Historical landmarks, unforgettable restaurants, hottest venues, unique boutiques and some of the most exclusive brand name stores to shop at. (You are going to looking sharp while enjoying your time in the windy city!)

  • Gambling! Who said Las Vegas gets to have all the fun, I'll be your lucky charm at the casino, Chicago has a handful of casinos within city limits (2) and outside the city limits (3). Surely Chicago is the jackpot you've had coming to you!

  • Solo or Duo outings (of course the more the merrier, add $3,500 per day for extra company and bring an extra pair of pants!) 

Check out some of my favorite restaurants and things to do in Chicago on "My Favorites Page".


Mya's Stature

  Height:            5"2

  Bust:         34DD

  Weight:             125 

  Dress size:     3 -5

  Shoe size:        8


      Like to party and be seen? Mya Michelle has access to some of the most exclusive night clubs in Chicago, from  adult entertainment, dance clubs, and chic bars. 


     If you want to make a statement, and show off your achievements; You'll never fail with Mya Michelle and her girlfriends on your side.   Jaws will drop and faces will scrounge. Which is probably  exactly the reaction you want, as envy is surely thick in the air when ever you're out having an unforgettable evening in Chicago with Mya.

Who  is

     Mya Michelle?

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