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A Chivalrous, Courteous, & Honorable Man.

      Please leave the patronage in an unsealed envelope on the powder room vanity before I arrive.


       If you are coming to see me please leave the envelope on the night stand or table in my hotel room and let me know that it is there by either way of making sure I see you put it down or informing me, then please excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands. 

       Please do not mention it, or any services as it distracts from us getting to know each other intimately.


      Please never talk about money, never discuss any sexual acts, neither before nor during our date, neither in person nor via e-mail or phone. 


      Please refrain from the usage of foul or demeaning language, I will treat you as a gentleman and being treated like a lady is the only acceptable treatment that will be accepted.


      If you would like to extend our time and if my schedule allows and I agree, immediately take care of the additional fee at the beginning of the extended time. Please be prepared for this scenario as it happens quite often.  Again, do not discuss the amount, do NOT ever attempt to negotiate, inform yourself about my rates so that you know the proper amount when you decide to extend our time together. 


       Additionally my discretion is of the utmost importance as is yours. For any public outings please use the ultimate discretion and a funny little “story” in describing the nature of our relationship.


       If you are a VIP who requires the utmost level of discretion please request an NDA form. I am happy to oblige as well as prepare this legal documentation. I want you to be as comfortable as possible. 

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