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DC - The Capital of The USA

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

November 6th, 2021 - On my way home from Washington DC

Well I am typing this on the plane on my way home, I feel so relaxed on this flight, it’s awesome I am on a Boeing 737 and it is about 30% full, I have a row all by myself and all the rows around me are empty as well, just delightful! It is about 8:30, not sure eastern or central time lol. So I decided to whip out my new Mac book air I got myself especially for this trip but barely used, hahaha. It’s crazy how we use our phones for literally everything for the most part now-a-days. But I did get on my laptop a bit while I was in DC. When I tour I like to go out a lot and not be in my hotel room all day. So I explored the city a bit. I got in on Tuesday and I am so glad I stayed in the hotel I chose. It was so convenient and it had a full sized refrigerator and microwave and stove stop in the room. It was one of those suites ya know, so it had the living room area separate from the bed, I really enjoyed it. The only downfall was the dreaded key card lol. But I actually did not even have to go down to help anyone get up to my room because for some reason you could actually use the elevator without the key card in the mornings … so it would seem. Other mornings it was in effect, lol so I don’t know but I got lucky the days I had people visiting me it was not in effect lol. I got to do some outcalls the days that it was working.

Never the less I decided to head down to Tyson’s corner because lots of people kept asking me to go down there, but I learned that Tyson’s corner is quite a vague location *pursed lips* because I ended up at a hotel , ok I’ll be specific =, I ended up at the Westin at 7801 Pike Lane (I think that was the name of the street) and it was a horrible stay and I will never ever stay there again! The rooms were extremely small, the walls were thin, the hallways were long and never ending. The restaurant sucked, no food variations. Nothing in walking distance unless you wanted to walk a few miles up a road that could have doubled as a high way. Never again! It made me appreciate my ket card hotel so much lol, like why didn’t I just extend my stay!? Then on top of that of course no one even came to see me while I was in “Tyson’s”. So what I did after spending one annoying night there, I checked out mid day and booked myself a same day flight back to Chicago! LOL Which I am very glad I did, because I got to be on this nice flight that is barely full, a whole row to myself and can’t even see another person unless I stand up or look between the seats at the one person in front of me and one person behind me. :-)

I really enjoyed myself in DC for the most part though, I haven’t really been there in a while so I didn’t know exactly where to go, but I got my bearings while I was there and will certainly know exactly where to stay, where not to stay and where I can go have a bit of fun next time I do visit which will be soon, probably early December or early January. I have found however even on previous visits that DC is quite Posh and the peoplen are all in designer clothing, with nice hair styles and the women with perfect make up. It can be a bit intimmidating, with me being from the midwest where everything is so laid back. I don't think i saw one person wearing sports wear my entire stay in DC lol, And the only gym shoes i saw were the kind you actually use for doing gym stuff in lmao, not for fashion like here in Chicago. Never the less i am a sociable person so it wasn't too hard for me to still make conversation and crack a few jokes for the moments i was engaged in social activity.

I know that DC is a very political town with lots of busy people who are on the teams of important people, or trying to become an important person. I like the idea of the driving force, but it's just not my style of living. I enjoy partying which DC most defintley has down pact, but i do not enjoy never really seeming relaxed and content with the moment. I most certainly have no desire to be famous or a household name lol, so i may not have enough ambition to be up to DC standards in those aspects. I don't know but i certainly look forward to coming back, because the gentlemen all made me laugh and seemed to be from places like New York & Jersey which was cool.

On my way to the airport we passed through Arlington and I told my Uber driver, oh ok so this is probably the true Tyson’s Corner, because it was lively had lots of nice hotels and the streets looked walkable with establishment lining them. So next time when I go to Virginia I will most certainly stay in Arlington VA.

Never the less the doubles situation I thought was going to be a hit, ended up being a ditch. When I got to town the one person who scheduled a double with us flaked and I suppose since we were no longer scheduled to make money it was not worth meeting me lol.

I mean I was really disappointed, because DC is her home town and I was in town for 5 days and not one time did she try to arrange for us to actually meet in person. To be honest I kind of doubt we would have had much chemistry. Well I simply learned a lesson and that is that I should not advertise doubles with providers I have never met in person before LOL. On the bright side I got to see peoples true colors without ever actually seeing them! Hahaha

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