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Elli King - The Gold Standard


Miami's Finest Business savvy Professional Companion with extensive Travel & Academic achievements! 



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       My good friend Mecca is truly an inspiration, I met her when i lived in Texas and she was one of my closest friends, I moved and she moved but we still kept in touch and she ven drove all the way from California to Chicago to visit me and keep me company for a whole month back when i first moved to Chicago. I am gracefully and unapologetically promoting her store! 

       She is an amazing young lady whom is an ex-sex worker turned stay at home mom to her husband and beautiful children. She is working on her college degree in business management and has the kindest heart of anyone i have known. I am so proud of her to have made it so far and being able to achieve her dreams. She is now selling crystals on etsy and I am huge believer in the metaphysical side of our existence as human beings and being connected to everything around us. I would encourage you to check out her store! Crystals make great gifts for ladies and men! Their properties can really make a difference in your life!


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