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Mid-West Hospitality, Valentines inspired somewhat of a poem...

The year 2015 is truly my year! I can't believe the fast pace that many of my new endeavors have been manifesting and new dreams are coming true. I am so grateful for all the wonderful gentlemen whom have shown me appreciation. The excellent reviews that many gentlemen have taken time out of their busy schedules to write. I know we are all pressed for time, but I want you to remember to take time out for yourself. It is important to self-preserve. 

Learning has always been my motivation, achieving new heights of intelligence among-st vast subjects of business. I anticipate my future whole heartedly. Being back in Chicago my hometown has really made me appreciate it, being away for so long. I feel the energy of the people of the city when I go out, I love the dense population, the foot traffic that comes with public transportation. The honking horns in traffic, the aggressive city life that doesn't let up, not even in the blistering cold! "Life must go on!" Streets beckon, full of happy memories and lost treasures.

I remember lusting after Chicago from afar, hundreds of miles away, I was lonely on the country side with the cowboys... I missed m y fast talking city that never sleeps, the wind that howls at you and sweeps you off your feet, the lake that shimmers showing you your dreams, Buckingham fountain full of ancient coins with thousands of wishes from thousands of wish makers.

Then I took a ride over to good ol' Pittsburgh, where the people showed me they too were full of brotherly love. The people all smiling, quite a smoking town, lil old ladies of all colors and backgrounds huddled around, best of friends, chatting and puffing away. "Our city is big enough, without being too rough." I like you guys in Pittsburgh, you guys remind me of my town. Smiling faces and good vibes all around!

   Well wishes,

XoXo Mya  

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