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What is an Escort?

Since so few people truly know the answer to this question, I think this is the most important piece of information on the site (next to my rates and phone number of course!). I will start by saying that not every girl that charges for erotic service is an escort, in fact, very few are. Most of those girls are troubled drug addicts that endure terrible hardships before and after every call. Who needs that? We few, true “bonafide” escorts are playing a totally different sport. We are exquisite women, beautiful, smart, witty, passionate, and capable of adapting to any situation we might find ourselves in. We are the type of women that you stare at (or glance thoroughly if you’re married) in public and think to yourself, “Man, I’d love to fuck that chick!”

The most important difference between us and the run-of-the-mill anti-drug poster children is that we are seeing you because WE WANT TO. We have an infinite number of opportunities available to us and we know it, there is no forcing or coercion. We are women that found a great way to make a lot of money. When my best friend told me she made “$200 an hour” working in Arkansas before she got married, that was all she wrote. People go to college for 10 years to make that kind of dough!

Having made our own intelligent decision to go into this profession, our self-esteem is high and nothing delights us more than when our hard work pays off and we have you on the phone. It is that attitude that makes it easy for us to make an intimate connection with you and provide the ideal quality of service that keeps you coming back. We know that for you it is simple physical attraction and a basic human need, and we would not dare complicate that, but to us it is so much more. Every aspect of our lives affects our performance so we are left with the difficult job of keeping our stress low and maintenance high.

Several years later...

An escort is all of these things in addition to everything every woman is. An escort is a mother, a daughter, a friend and a head of household. She is an advertiser, a web designer, a model, a receptionist, and an accountant. She is a businesswoman without the option of training or education. She manages the stigma as best she can because she knows that, despite what anyone thinks, she is necessary, a small part of what gives life dimension and character. What would life be without her? An escort, and every sex workers, is a person, just a person. 

Also, she has a life so please try to book in advance.   

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