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Philadelphia holds up to it's name!

The City of Brotherly Love!

Well I must say that Philadelphia was very friendly place with a lot of nice gentlemen every where I went. It must also be a city of great understanding because it seems the gentlemen I saw there had a great understanding of how I liked my clit to be licked, hehe. I am so bad; but I had a great time and am very glad I came! I will have to come back because as usual there were some great guys I did not get a chance to meet.

 The food was delicious, I had an awesome cheese steak from Lazaro's and it had some kind of special red sauce on it which I didn't know came on a cheesesteak but it was still delicious. I also tried the top steak house in the city, but you know I only went because they had sea food, hehe. The Jumbo Shrimp were so meaty I don't think I have ever had jumbo cocktail shrimp that big. The crab cakes melted in my mouth absolute perfection on your tongue. Twice i went out and some nice Philly guys picked up my tab :D so Philly had me feeling special.

It was still a little more lonely because I didn't travel with Desire this time and had no one to hang out with during down time or someone to eat with but, a beautiful lady can only be as lonely as she wants to be in a big city right! hehe so I managed for 3 days, to stay pretty busy and entertained.

The night life scene in Philly was a blast as well on my last night out I went to a few bars and found a very nice dance club that had a great DJ! I wish I had of stayed a little longer so I could have enjoyed the Friday and Saturday night parties. I will have to come back before summer is totally gone, we will see. But for now ...

Big Thank You to Philly!

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