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My Passion for you

Good Morning,

It is the second week of March and I am feeling pretty good as this is my Birthday month and that is always special. But I woke up this morning exuberant, and I began to think about how appreciative I was to have had so many opportunities during my time as an upscale escort.

I consider that I reached a few milestones and goals since I have been able to pursue this passion that I have to bring passion to peoples lives. I myself am a very passionate person about the things I believe. I have always been a bit of a black sheep among my peers and stood out for my differences. For example I was Gothic for quite a while in my teens and this is obviously not the norm for African Americans lol. But is stood by my music and my style and truthfully I took a lot of crap for it but the love of the music out weighed the dislike for my tastes.

I got more girly as time went on and when I got into the hospitality business working at a nice restaurant they actually required you to wear make up lol and that's how I discovered getting glamorous. Shortly after I entered the escort business where presentation is everything as well. I think that the hospitality business gave me some valuable skills which I still use today.

Anyhow I am getting off track my goals I have reached have been getting breast implants and getting flown to Turks and Caicos, and Miami Florida multiple times. I don't want to come off as bragging, I am just proud of myself because I consider these things as dreams I once had of happening, especially the breast implants lol.

I was so tired of being flat chested and having to wear super padded push up bras! I was like from the get go, I have to get boobs because if I was a guy I would want a girl who had fully developed big boobs if I had my pick! lol  I love what I do. I  aim for nothing but perfection. I plan on being around for a long time. I know its not ideal in society but I have a good head on my shoulders and make the opportunities I get count.

I am business oriented behind the scenes. In front of the house, I am the sexy, erotic fantasy that I adore. I love being erotic and exploring sexual adventures. Open mindedness is second nature to me. Compassion for humanity is big in my books as well. I believe this industry is much needed, the oldest profession for a reason.

Providing sincere companionship is a talent. I am very proud and grateful that I have this gift.

XoXo Mya Michelle


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