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Los Angeles meet & greet was a success

Los Angeles was a blast in July I got to go to a great meet and greet hosted by a local hobbyist and provider Kate, and Bond, The event was actually my main motivation for going. There was a huge turnout and everyone was having a great time. Tasty appetizers and good bar tenders. Big thanks to all the gentlemen who brought me drinks :) Since I didn't rent a car while in L.A. I had to catch a cab there, but I ended up getting a ride back to my hotel from the party ;) hehe you know who you are.

I was amazed by the landscape flying into L.A. the mountains and the desert looked so rustic and treacherous though if you were on the land. I could only ponder how the pioneers managed to trek to that side of the country with horses and wagons. They had to be some endearing people. Here I am complaining about a three and a half hour plane ride, while these people are walking for weeks on end! Haha

I did not get a chance to visit the beach, but I sure hope next time I come I will get my toes wet. I know I won't be able to get back to L.A. anytime soon but next summer you never know. I really would prefer to go there with Desire, because one thing I have learned is that traveling alone can get lonely and boring sometimes. Especially if you don't have a car! lol

XoXo Mya Michelle

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