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Life in Chicago

Hello gentlemen,

 I know it has been a while since I wrote in my blog. However, it is surely because I have been so busy enjoying my time back in my hometown Chicago. I would have never imagined that life could become so grand! I have made so many new friends whom  have touched my life in various ways for the better. I have been able to re-connect with child hood friends I thought I would never see again.

  It's such a beautiful thing to feel complete and happy with where you are and who you have become. I am proud of myself, I am grateful for my adventures. I am appreciative of every experience I have been fortunate to experience because of this wonderful fulfilling profession I have chosen. Many do not understand our secret society, our underground world is misunderstood by the majority of the world.

  Of course you can always find your place, your friends who understand and they make us feel like we belong, are cared for and understand the conversations about how things are and why they are that way. Let me not get too deep into it all. I will just leave it at a beautiful secret I am grateful to be apart of, and have friends to talk to about it. Especially in Chicago where the fun never seems to end.

  Tour Plans are underway. Even though I am not fond of touring I do plan on visiting some other near by cities soon  probably Pittsburgh and Philadelphia for sure with a new location I have never been to before as well. Details will be announced soon.

XoXo Mya Michelle 

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