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Great find on the web

I want to share with you some of the contents from a website I find very fluent in the perspectives of the escort industry from both sides of the table. It is actually a bit dated from the 90's but the verbiage is still very relevant and many of the same conversations go on still today. Here is a tidbit that stuck out most to me:

Jen says: Here's the average man's wham bam thank you mam post... 200 an hour is in no way out of line sweetie for a good escort... but since your just interested in getting off, why not just stay home with the vasaline virgin and save all your money all together....

Higher priced escorts are paid for more than getting off.... you better understand that point right away... and so an escort is not for everyone...  but don't belittle them just because you don't like their prices, because you're not even looking for what they really get paid for (in addition to intimate time).

As for you only making fifty dollars an hour.... do you have the risk of going to jail in your work for the 50 an hour???? or the social degradation that is placed upon them....

Also, have you stopped to consider that though you are paying 200 for an hour with her, she has actually spent more time than that with you, checking you out, setting things up, travel time, time spent having drinks upfront for which you aren't charged....

I'd say the escort puts in at least 3 hours to every one she is actually paid for, so that actually comes to about $67 per hour.... gee, alot closer to your number, isn't it.... All you can see is the hour..... step back and take a look at the big picture here....

V.I.P. Mya Michelle's Blog

Hello World! 

Thank you for taking out the time to read my "Blog" I used to keep diaries all the time when I was younger. You know how the story goes though, as we get older time gets less and less, and organizing our thoughts often is limited to sitting in traffic and keeping us awake at night. I do believe though that it is "Good for the Soul" so to speak, to keep a diary and record your thoughts here and there. It can be quite delightful to look back a year or so from the time you wrote and see your train of thought. I find it amazing just thinking back on my train of thought 10 years ago, the gap is vast, but full of experiences that shaped me into the grateful, always wanting to learn more kind of woman that I am today. I think analyzing yourself and searching within for answers does wonders for enlightening ones self. I would say that my ultimate goal in life would be to become as enlightened as possible as to the vast logistics of consciousness and awareness.

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