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Gentlemen of Chicago

To The Gentlemen of Chicago,

     I had the best time on my first tour to Chicago, I can not believe what a huge warm welcome I received! I did not imagine at all what a great time I was in store for. I got taught a few things and made some memories I will never forget. I also got to meet up with some very sexy professional ladies such as Ahvani, and Miss Bree Breeze.

    Miss Bree Breeze was a ball of energy to say the least behind closed doors, I had the pleasure of having a doubles session with her and I got a good sweet tooth fix off too, hehe. She tastes sweet, her pig tail routine is adorable, I might have to steal that move. Shhhh, don't tell her I said that haha!

     Never the less of course I am now fixated on my town Chicago and will be back shortly June 26th-July 3rd. I am in DFW at the moment recovering from 2 weeks of orgasms lol. I can't wait to come back and see fellows I got to meet earlier this month, and also meet some guys who missed my first visit. I know I said I was moving but I can't pack up just yet, so I will be making long visits for now.

XoXo Mya

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